Create the Most Eye-Catching Original Graphics for Your Social Media Pages: Using Mobile Applications

When you’re an on the go social media or digital marketing professional, and sometimes need to create quick graphics to post or share with colleagues on the go, smart phones are your best friend.  Each of the mobile applications featured below are all are free design applications which are compatible with both Android and iOS operating […]

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Don’t Let The Opportunity Pass You By – Client Responsibilities

Public Relations, like life, is all about timing.  The other day I was pulling my hair out, pitching and trying to secure media coverage for clients when my phone rang from a number I didn’t identify. I have this weird, immediate skepticism about numbers I don’t know combined with this uncontrollable urge to pick-up. I […]

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Social Media Management: Best Ways to Schedule Social Media Posts

Developing a social media management strategy is no longer optional, it’s a must have for your business.  First creating a social media calendar, then scheduling social media posts at least a few weeks, and sometimes even months, in advance is important in order to gain followers and increase engagement on all of your social channels. […]

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Social Media Management: 3 Simple and Free Social Listening Tools

When managing several, or even just one, company’s set of social media sites, things can get a bit overwhelming.  What should you post? What other social media accounts should you be paying attention to? What kinds of posts get the most attention? How are followers reacting to your posts? Who and what kinds of accounts […]

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