Social Media: Is there a science behind timing and posting?

Ever wondered if there’s some crazy science behind when you should be posting on your social media pages? You guessed it…there is! Well, kind of.  In an upcoming series of blog posts, I will be posting about the optimal days and times to post on each social media outlet from what research I’ve gathered. […]

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Social Media Management: Metrics Terms Explained

Sometimes understanding exactly what metrics you are tracking on your social media pages can be quite confusing.  There are several terms for all different social media and website metrics.  Here, you will find a compilation of the different social media terms and their definitions found on various social media blogs and websites. […]

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Social Media Marketing Guide to Facebook Metrics

Facebook was the social media platform to really set the stage for all other social media platforms to come, and has had a huge influence on the way the businesses now market their products and services.  Over the years, the way we gauge success on Facebook has changed dramatically, but it has remained to be […]

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