Create the Most Eye-Catching & Original Graphics for Your Social Media Pages Using Web Applications

One of the most convenient ways to edit graphics for your social media pages may be to use online applications. The beauty about all of these online applications is that you won’t have to spend the money on expensive softwares, or take up space on your computer’s hard-drive to house programs such as the Adobe Suite. Try these online programs which allow you to get creative with and edit your pictures or photos pulled off of the web:


Have you ever needed to create brochure, invitation, or other marketing materials, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of using Microsoft applications or learning the Adobe suite? Lucidpress is a free, online, cloud based application that allows you to create these kinds of marketing materials from templates or by creating your own designs with access to a wide range of design tools and fonts.

Lucidpress works similarly to Google Docs because it is cloud based.  This allows you to store all of your in progress and finished products on your Lucidpress portal instead of taking up space on your computer, as well as share your products with other Lucidpress users.  Once finished with your products, you may download and save your files in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.

In order to receive access to more templates, you may upgrade to a paid premium account. is a great site to use if you want to easily combine pictures into collages or grid, edit pictures with the most basic tools, and create cover photos for all different social media sites.  Being able to create your social media profiles’ cover photos with this tool is very helpful as it already has the dimensions laid out for you. also offers a variety of design elements to add such as shapes, clip art, and text in different fonts to your photos.

You can either download your finished graphics directly to your computer in PNG or JPEG form, order prints, or post directly to your social media profiles including Facebook, Picasa, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter. Editor editor

The Editor works almost exactly like a free, online version of Adobe Photoshop.  This program offers advanced picture editing options to create graphics and edit pictures just as you would in Photoshop.  Some of these editing options include the lasso and fill tools, creating layers, adding filters, and the list goes on and on.  Go to to play around with a graphic of your own and try it for yourself.


social media pages
This is a sample twitter profile banner created in Canva
social media images
This banner graphic was made in Canva in about 3 seconds!

Well, I guess I saved the best for last… is a program I have just recently started using, thanks to the introduction I received to it by Marc here at WildStory Media.  I am absolutely excited about this new online program!  Not only does it allow you to create enticing graphics for your social media, and printable marketing materials, but it is also totally free and extremely easy to use! allows you to create professional looking brochures, cover photos, business cards, pinterest graphics, blog post pages, and so much more.  It offers the most design elements and templates over all of the other web applications including a searchable archive of shapes, clip art/icons, photos, banners, and fonts.  The program also allows you to easily create your own infographics, picture grids, and memes.  I highly recommend this program to anybody at these looking to create social media graphics and marketing materials in a one-stop shop.

What’s your experience with using any of these online applications? Join the discussion and leave your comments below.

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