Social Media: Best Posting Days and Times for Twitter

During my research on the optimal days and times to post on social media, Twitter stood out to me to have the most consistent results.  Read on to find out more about optimal Twitter posting times…

As a friendly reminder, these supposed optimal days and times have not been nailed down to a science.  Depending on your business and its demographic, certain days and times may deliver better results on Twitter for your company than others.

The best click through rate, or CTR, stemming from Twitter on your website seems to happen when posting on Twitter during the times of 8-9AM, 2-3PM, and 5PM on any day of the week.  However, there seems to be a more optimal CTR on Fridays through Sundays.

Now, you may be wondering, when is the best time to get other Twitter users to notice my tweets and retweet them? It has been shown over several bits of research that the best time to post in order to get retweets is between 12 and 4PM.

What’s your experience with timing posts on Twitter? Join the discussion and leave your comments below.

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