Social Media: Is there a science behind timing and posting?

Ever wondered if there’s some crazy science behind when you should be posting on your social media pages? You guessed it…there is! Well, kind of.  In an upcoming series of blog posts, I will be posting about the optimal days and times to post on each social media outlet from what research I’ve gathered.

There has been much research done to nail down when really is the best time to post on each social media outlet.  However, everyone seems to be coming up with different answers!  The reason behind this? Each test is done with a different social media account user or company, which means every target demographic is different for each test.  There is not really any way to set the standards for an optimal timing social media strategy across the board since each target audience will be different for every social media page.

However, there is not complete hope lost for posting at the optimal times for each social media outlet.  In doing research on this subject, I found countless blogs and articles which display experimenters’ findings.  Much of the results received from these test overlap, showing when users for each social media outlet are most active.  This could possibly result from the fact that each social media outlet generally hosts a unique demographic.

The most fool proof way to post at optimal times for you business or personal brand is to conduct your own experiment by posting on each social media site at different times of the day over the course of a couple of months.  Then, take note of which postings receive the most engagement from your followers, and how that compares to the time of day you posted.

What’s your experience with timing posts on your social media outlets? Join the discussion and leave your comments below, and be sure to check back on the blog for this post series.

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