BGBS 045: David Barnett | Popsockets | Surprisingly Useful

BGBS 045: David Barnett | Popsockets | Surprisingly Useful From “after-school sports dork” to CEO of Popsockets, David Barnett left a ripple in the world with an invention that revolutionized how we hold phones. And to think it was originally made out of glued clothing buttons. By accomplishing his purpose of increasing people’s happiness, even […]

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Make Your Customers the Hero of Their Own Story – Cloud Conventions Presentation

“[As business owners] we all think we’re the hero. We all think we’re saving the Nakatomi Center. But in reality, it is our job as businesses to make our customer the hero, to make our customer John McClane, and I am here to tell you today that you are Al.” – Marc Gutman Watch Marc […]

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BGBS 037: Cambria Jacobs | EGYM | Fit for Life

Joining us today is Cambria Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of EGYM, a global fitness technology leader that uses smart gym equipment to support their members’ fitness journey by providing data-based guidance for motivation and measurable results. Have you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but felt immediately intimidated by what to do when entering a […]

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BGBS 028: Rob Angel | Pictionary | Game Changer

BGBS 028: Rob Angel | Game Changer In 1985, Rob Angel, at only 23 years old, took his simple idea and created the wildly popular and phenomenally successful board game Pictionary using only a Webster’s paperback dictionary, a #2 pencil, and a yellow legal pad. Rob and his partners put together the first 1,000 games […]

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BGBS 016: Barney Waters | KSWISS | CEOs Wear Sneakers

BGBS Episode 016: CEOs Wear Sneakers… Barney oversees all aspects of K-Swiss, the global sneaker brand, having taken over as President at the beginning of 2016 with a goal to bring the 50 year old brand back to prominence and profitability. Barney has driven fast change both internally and externally, and created a breakthrough brand […]

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