BGBS 059: Chris Kirby | Ithaca Hummus | It’s Simple.

BGBS 059: Chris Kirby | Ithaca Hummus | It’s Simple. Ithaca Hummus. America’s fastest-growing hummus brand founded by Chris Kirby: CEO, trained professional chef, and mustache aficionado. Chris’s career identity began in the restaurant world before he gained the courage to declare that he had a different path to follow, and returned to school. It […]

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BGBS 058: Kris Fry | Smartwool | It’s an Experiment

BGBS 058: Kris Fry | Smartwool | It’s an Experiment Kris Fry is a brand pro in love with the magic of ideation and storytelling, armed with the awareness that nothing is more powerful than a well-planned strategy. He is currently the Global Creative director at Smartwool, but has had the opportunity to lead concept, […]

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BGBS 051: Ariel Rubin | Kum & Go | Twitter Is Hard!

BGBS 051: Ariel Rubin | Kum & Go | Twitter Is Hard! Ariel Rubin, Director of Communication for Kum & Go, is a Webby Award-winning digital strategist with over 10 years of experience in social media and content creation in Uganda, Sudan, Turkey, Switzerland, and the United States. Ariel is a master at Twitter, bringing […]

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You May Have a Branding Problem If…

Many people can sense that something is wrong with their brand, but few can articulate what the source of it is. Marc Gutman addresses clarity, strategy, and relevancy, and shares the most prevailing reasons for brand problems today. Video Transcript Keith Roberts 0:04 Branding. So my branding guru friend, how does somebody know, if they […]

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Podcast and Recording Hacks

We all know what it’s like to face internet connection hiccups. But what do we do when we face these challenges while recording important audio? Marc Gutman shares essential hacks that will give you some slack when editing content. Video Transcript Keith Roberts 0:04 All right, super excited to have Marc, you are a podcasting […]

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Make the Decision Right

Asking yourself, “Is this the right decision?” is applicable not only to branding, but also to life in general. Marc Gutman provides a simple solution to alleviate any doubts you may have about even the biggest decisions. Video Transcript Keith Roberts 0:04 Marc, good to see you again, my friend. Thank you so much always […]

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BGBS 049: Chris Do | The Futur | Type Is Life

BGBS 049: Chris Do | The Futur | Type Is Life Chris Do is the founder of two seven-figure businesses, the first being Blind, an Emmy Award-winning motion design studio with over $80 million in total billings. The second is The Futur, an online education company whose mission is to teach 1 billion people (yes […]

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BGBS 045: David Barnett | Popsockets | Surprisingly Useful

BGBS 045: David Barnett | Popsockets | Surprisingly Useful From “after-school sports dork” to CEO of Popsockets, David Barnett left a ripple in the world with an invention that revolutionized how we hold phones. And to think it was originally made out of glued clothing buttons. By accomplishing his purpose of increasing people’s happiness, even […]

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BGBS 037: Cambria Jacobs | EGYM | Fit for Life

Joining us today is Cambria Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of EGYM, a global fitness technology leader that uses smart gym equipment to support their members’ fitness journey by providing data-based guidance for motivation and measurable results. Have you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but felt immediately intimidated by what to do when entering a […]

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10 Principles to Becoming a Wildstory Brand

10 Points to Become a Wildstory Brand

What Makes a Wildstory Brand? Have you noticed that some brands achieve legendary status, raving fans, and higher higher profits, and others don’t?  Those brands that become household names and synonymous with their industry? […]

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BGBS 028: Rob Angel | Pictionary | Game Changer

BGBS 028: Rob Angel | Game Changer In 1985, Rob Angel, at only 23 years old, took his simple idea and created the wildly popular and phenomenally successful board game Pictionary using only a Webster’s paperback dictionary, a #2 pencil, and a yellow legal pad. Rob and his partners put together the first 1,000 games […]

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BGBS 016: Barney Waters | KSWISS | CEOs Wear Sneakers

BGBS Episode 016: CEOs Wear Sneakers… Barney oversees all aspects of K-Swiss, the global sneaker brand, having taken over as President at the beginning of 2016 with a goal to bring the 50 year old brand back to prominence and profitability. Barney has driven fast change both internally and externally, and created a breakthrough brand […]

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BGBS 015: Maxine Clark | Build-A-Bear Workshop | Everyone Needs A Teddy Bear

Maxine Clark is the founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop & Chief Executive Officer of Clark-Fox Family Foundation. She’s made many impressions with her skills and abilities to have the vision of the consumer and her unique strategies when it comes to branding. While working her way up the chain in her career path, Maxine, at age 48, successfully managed to structure, build, and grow her billion-dollar company based on hugs and love… […]

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BGBS 007: Brian Smith | UGG | Living Joyously As a Tadpole

BGBS Episode 007: Living Joyously As a Tadpole What do goosebumps, surfing, Pink Floyd, and sheep have to do with building a billion-dollar brand? Well, for UGG boots, just about everything! You see them everywhere – the beach, mountains, cities – wherever there are chilly feet. The fashionable and functional UGG brand was founded by […]

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What Do Your Business, Your Employees, and Your Customers Believe In? – Business Belief Statement

“Are you beige or are you someone or a company I can some of myself in? Is this for me?”

That is the first, subconscious question your customers and prospects are trying to answer in the moment it takes to draw in a breath.  It’s the question we all try to answer for just about everything in our lives.

The simple fact is that people across this globe want something to believe in. Brett Michaels was right about that for sure! Look at our thirst for sports in this country. We want, no we need to believe in something. The Detroit Lions (I’m afflicted), the UM Wolverines, and whatever your favorite team is. We need to be in a stadium of 70,000 other people who believe in what we believe. It inherently feels right — because it’s a basic human need… […]

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Am I Telling a Narrative or a Business Story?

A common mistake is to assume everything is a story.  A story is a series of episodic, influential, connected events that changes a person’s life.  More simply put, a story is a journey.  And a journey has conflict and energy and obstacles and stakes and things that create a struggle between the dynamic positive and negative changes of life!

We will break down this definition in a later post but let’s assume for the sake of our discussion here this definition is in deed accurate. The key point to understand here is that a story revolves around change. Positive change and negative change. If there’s no change, there’s no story. […]

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Top 13 Books for Business Storytelling

“What are the best books on storytelling for my business?” 


“I’m discovering how powerful storytelling can be for my business, but I want to learn more. What books should I read?”

I’ve been hearing these questions more and more.  The challenge with recommending books always comes back to a question of my own, “What do you want to know about story? The science, the structure, what stories to tell, how to tell a great story, how to use them in your business, etc?”  The study and practice of story is a science, art, craft, and passion. Just like if I asked my favorite musician to recommend the best books on music, I’m sure they’d have a list of their own questions and a laundry list of books to recommend. […]

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I Don’t Believe in Story Formulas & Neither Should You

Look, there are a lot of people running around talking about story and story formulas.  They reference the hero’s journey and promise a formula to make it as easy as filling out a Mad-Libs book.  I see the ads everyday on Facebook or in my inbox: “Follow this 5 step formula and you’ll be an amazing storyteller!”  Sound remotely familiar?

Sorry, but it’s not happening.  I don’t believe in story formulas and neither should you.

A formula – is something that gets a guaranteed result every time.  

And I hate to be the one to say it, but in storytelling there is no such thing as a formula. […]

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PowerPoint (PPT) is Dead…

Powerpoint is dead.

Sorry, to have to be the bearer of bad news but the sooner we all realize this and move on the better.  

That fancy sales presentation with all the best figures and data in it? Dead.

That huge investor deck with 10 bullets per slide? Dead.

That recruiting deck showing your prospective A-players and employees the reason they should lay it all on the line or come work for you? Dead.

All of them. Dead. Dead. Dead.  

Look, I’ll answer the immediate objection that you’re screaming at the screen right now. […]

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Do I want Empathy or Sympathy in my Storytelling?



Same thing right?

Well no, not even close. And understanding the difference between these two words and ideas is what will separate your storytelling from blah to Yeah!

When talking story, the words empathy and sympathy come up often. Most entrepreneurs and businesses use the words empathy and sympathy incorrectly and many times interchangeably (which is also incorrect.)

As we go out and spread the idea of the importance of story in business, we find that a many people understand the idea that story in itself makes an emotional connection and therefore makes the audience or the listener empathetic to the story teller or the story itself… […]

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What Do You Stand For? – Write Your Manifesto


Super cool word isn’t it?

Sometimes I just like to over enunciate it. Maaaaan-i-feeeees-toe….

But beyond it being one of those great words like “pants” or “pickle”, a manifesto is something every company should have.

So, what’s a manifesto?

A manifesto is essentially a statement of beliefs that allows both your internal team, employees, and prospects as well as your external customers (only if you want – more on this later) to understand who you are and what you stand for… […]

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