You KNOW You Have a Branding Problem When…

Are you not getting enough traction on your ideas? Is it difficult to build that thriving community you’ve always wanted?

Fact: Most businesses don’t know they have a branding problem.

Don’t get me wrong. They know they have A PROBLEM.

✅  Like they aren’t busy enough.

✅  They aren’t getting traction on their ideas.

✅  They want to build a thriving community…but it’s not happening.

✅  They don’t know what to say or how to say it.

✅  They’re racing to a pricing bottom.

Most people see these as marketing problems or sales problems. Maybe it’s diagnosed as a website problem. Or a product problem. But these are all branding problems.

Feeling stuck on a brand issue?

If this video is revealing that you may need some guidance with your brand, we're happy to help! Get to the root of your brand challenges to find the success you deserve.

Video Transcript

Marc Gutman 0:03
Hey, I’m Marc Gutman, and we’re here at the happy house studio. We’re talking about branding and marketing today. And today we’re talking about how do you know when you have a branding problem, because here’s the thing, most people aren’t sitting around thinking, wow, I have a brand problem, what’s really happening is the symptoms are showing up in a lot of your tactical things, a lot of your marketing, so it’s showing up when you say something like, hey, my website isn’t working, when I need a new logo.

You know you might have a branding problem, we are busy enough, you know, you’re not getting in the right kind of clients might have a branding problem. When you have amazing ideas that aren’t spreading, you know, you’re awesome, that no one else but you might have a branding problem. When the community around you isn’t what it should be, you have an idea to build a movement, you have an idea to build an audience, you have an idea to build a community, and it’s just not happening. Whenever random problem when the people you care about aren’t achieving everything they hope the people that you are serving, are achieving what they hope might have a branding problem when you don’t know what to say, or how to show up, it’s probably the most common one we hear. People don’t want to talk about themselves. They also might just be a little too humble to talk about yourself a little scared to say all the good things. And so that’s when you also might have a branding problem.

And a big one, if you’ve got customers that are frustrated that feel like what you are doing with your business, what you’re saying is incongruent with how you’re acting, we have frustrated customers, you might have a branding problem. This one hurts me so much. You might have a branding problem. There are people that can benefit from your work, and they’re not engaging with you, you know, you can help them you know, that you can help them solve problems, but they’re not working with you might just be because of your brand.

Look, no one wants to win this race. And that’s the race to the bottom. And so when you’re fighting in a race to the bottom, and it’s wearing you out when you’re lowering your prices, I can remember back when there was a time when I thought I was paying clients for me to work for them. You have a branding problem. So if any of these resonate with you, you have a branding problem. You might want to check that out.

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