Giving a start-up
the kickstart they needed.

Inboard Technology

the short story

What if you developed a technology that could change the world as we know it? Would you… sit on it? Sell it? Or, (drum roll) do you become the tipping point that transforms the way people view urban transportation, raise over $12M from investors, and have a blast doing it? In the very beginning, Inboard Technology came to Wildstory to help them define their brand, their strategy, and basically everything they needed to launch a successful Kickstarter that put them on the map and gave them the acceleration they needed to bring their technology to the masses. Wildstory was instrumental in crafting their story and helping them develop their central core values that shaped the culture that they thrive in. Today, Inboard Technology serves as a pinnacle example of how the right vision and aligned values can truly shape a company’s future.

Culture Building
Employee Engagement
Brand Strategy
Communications Strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy
Integrated Campaign
Creative Development
Copy and Scriptwriting

the long story

Inboard Technology, a grassroots company in California with a background in action sports, had developed a proprietary technology that they knew would disrupt the electronic skateboard industry. But first, they needed help figuring out where to start, how to position themselves, and how to communicate their message out to the world. On top of that, how were they going to build an internal team and culture that shared the same vision for the future? Without everyone on the same page, the company probably wouldn’t survive.


All together now
Wildstory’s relationship with Inboard started back at the beginning with their incredibly successful, record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that raised over a half million dollars. Not only were we instrumental in setting a solid strategy for the campaign, we led group sessions where we defined the core values and brand messaging that continue to be the foundation of their business today.

The best part about working with
WILDSTORY is how much it felt like they are
already part of our internal team.”

- Ryan Evans, CEO, Inboard Technology


Can’t stop won’t stop
Afterwards, we worked closely with Inboard to develop their brand strategy, story development, culture, and fundraising deck. Throughout the process we provided ongoing strategic counsel and support, serving as an extension of their internal team.


Everyone is a winner
The Kickstarter win launched their company and they successfully delivered the product to backers. They went on to raise around $12M over two rounds of investor capital and were lauded by the media as the “Tesla of Skateboards”.


Rolling on
Today, Inboard Technology is a San Francisco-based company that focuses on electric vehicles and mass scooter fleet sales. They are uniquely positioned to achieve their grand vision of creating better cities by transforming the way people view urban transportation.

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