There’s value in
bringing an outside perspective.


the short story

There are certain brands that have been around so long, they seem impossible to fail no matter what they do. In these circles, it’s easy to fall into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Especially when you’ve curated a group of smart but similar thinkers. However, a brand is a constantly moving target and you have to get outside your comfort zone and embrace new and innovative ways to focus and deliver your brand message. Because, let’s face it, people don’t buy products as much as they buy a brand’s story – even in the pharmaceutical industry. Lilly, a very successful pharmaceutical company, needed an outside perspective so they called Wildstory in to deliver a keynote about the importance of a brand’s story and how to change perspectives and improve communication. The talk was such a success that it found a permanent spot in the Lilly training library and Wildstory will be back to help the marketing team shake things up again.

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the long story

Lilly, also known as Eli Lilly and Company, is a major player in the pharmaceutical industry with an extensive marketing team spread out across all of their divisions and product lines. This massive team is composed of experienced and savvy marketers recruited from all over the world. However, even with the most talented marketing experts leading the way, it’s easy for a company to become a bit “snow blind” as to what’s working and what’s not. Staying relevant and keeping your brand in the forefront of your consumers’ minds takes constant effort and improvement. Eventually, the team decided it was time to tell their brand story from a fresh perspective.


Wildstory was invited to come to the Lilly world headquarters in Indianapolis and speak to over 100 marketers and brand specialists on the topic of brand and storytelling. In addition, another 100 global marketers were able to login and watch the presentation live. Wildstory delivered a highly sought-after keynote about the importance of brand storytelling and provided both immediate and actionable takeaways as well as humor to the workshop. Attendees were able to immediately change their perspective of their clients and understand how to communicate more effectively with them. Afterwards, the key storytelling and brand principles that Wildstory brought to light were applied across the organization through every marketing channel. In the end, the marketing team felt like the information provided was incredibly additive to their brand and marketing toolkit.


The session was highly praised and has been added to the Lilly content library for ongoing training and education. Wildstory has been asked to come back to Lilly to present additional branding workshops and is discussing consulting arrangements for ongoing work.

This was such an incredible opportunity for us to step away from our day-to-day, to be challenged to think broadly."

- Kerry W. Need, Product Brand Director, Immunology, Eli Lilly & Company

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