What Do You Stand For? – Write Your Manifesto


Super cool word isn’t it?

Sometimes I just like to over enunciate it. Maaaaan-i-feeeees-toe….

But beyond it being one of those great words like “pants” or “pickle”, a manifesto is something every company should have.

So, what’s a manifesto?

A manifesto is essentially a statement of beliefs that allows both your internal team, employees, and prospects as well as your external customers (only if you want – more on this later) to understand who you are and what you stand for… […]

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The WILDSTORY Digital Public Relations Process

Our clients are friends, partners, dreamers, crazy, passionate, entrepreneurs and visionaries. They all have a WILDSTORY and we’re honored to share them. Here is a brief look at our digital public relations process when working with new clients. The WILDSTORY Digital Public Relations Process: Meet the client. Get to know one another. Tell us more! We want […]

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Recap: Digital Public Relations Conference – It’s all about Visual Storytelling

Text isn’t dead but it may be dying. If it isn’t dying there is no doubt that it is rapidly losing market share. […]

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The Business of Serendipty

I love hearing entrepreneurs and business owners tell their story.  It might be the thing I enjoy most and I spend a lot of non-billable time following this passion.  This week alone I have 3 events that center around entrepreneurship and hearing about other people’s businesses. […]

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Public Relations: Are You Really Listening?

Close your eyes.  No, seriously – Close. Your. Eyes. Now what do you hear?  Don’t be so quick to open your eyes. Even if there’s no apparent sound in the room, take your time.  What do you hear?  Maybe the hum of your computer?  Maybe the voices of your colleagues? Maybe the sound of silence? […]

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