BGBS 013: Kerry Gilmartin | Bamboobies | Business as an Agent to Make Positive Change

Baby Got Backstory
BGBS 013: Kerry Gilmartin | Bamboobies | Business as an Agent to Make Positive Change

BGBS Episode 013: Business as an Agent to Make Positive Change

Have you ever thought much about breastfeeding? If you’re a woman and have given or plan to give birth, then you probably care deeply about it. Ironically, men used to be the ones making decisions about all sorts of products that women use, including breastfeeding and nursing pads. Millions of mothers who nurse their babies experience some unpleasant realities, including breast milk leaking and soaking their attire. It’s not only embarrassing, but inconvenient. Years ago, breast pads were invented to address this kind of situation, but they were far from being effective. Among new mothers, a lack of breastfeeding products generated anger and frustration, as well as feelings of being overlooked and ignored. So, Kerry Gilmartin took matters into her own hands and conceived Bamboobies.

You’ll Learn…

  • Kerry grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and was encouraged to be different
  • She’d always been a busy-body and curious; involved in everything – nothing she didn’t want to do to follow her passions
  • Mentors sparked interest in entrepreneurial businesses that made an eco impact
  • Kerry discovered how business could create positive change; all companies, whether non-profit or not, should try to make a difference
  • Instead of playing golf the last semester of college, Kerry started a business
  • Listen to your instincts and align with your passions in business; failure is terrible, but a great learning experience and part of the process
  • Commercial products world wasn’t taking care of new, vulnerable moms
  • Breastfeeding used to be a hush-hush topic; nothing new that’s now trendy
  • Kerry was unstoppable with Bamboobies; knew she had a great idea, could make a better product, and market needed it
  • Drive to do something due to knowing the difference between right and wrong
  • Titty Committee: Persistence, help, and support from other moms created a sustainable and scalable business with social and environmental benefits
  • Kerry birthed and nurtured an idea, and then sent it off into the world; but it was a purpose and passion in her life that was really difficult to give up



Entrepreneurs’ Organization

The Nature Conservancy

Why Google Won’t Throw Away Its Data Center Gear



Quotes from Kerry Gilmartin:

“When you’re the entrepreneur…the buck stops with you.”

“I just followed my passions all the time.”

“It was a fascinating introduction to me for how business could actually create positive change.”

“Failure was a terrible lesson. I see it in hindsight now as having been a great learning experience and all a part of the learning process.”



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