BGBS 006: Ryan Evans | Inboard Technology | Stoked! From Kitebro to Electric Vehicle CEO

Dynamic, charismatic, intelligent, passionate, storyteller, athlete, leader, and futurist are words that describe Ryan Evans of Inboard Technology. It’s a transportation company that strives to have fewer cars on the road and replace them with short-range, electric vehicles. Ryan and his partner, Theo, are two passionate action sports athletes looking to redefine electric vehicles and […]

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BGBS 003: Jedd Rose | Topo Designs | Anywhere On Your Map

Do you wear outdoor-inspired clothing while spending time in the great outdoors? Then, you may be familiar with Topo Designs, which is known for “backpacks, bags, and apparel for anywhere on your map.” In a day and age where we love to over-engineer everything, Topo Designs’ classic and retro-style products feel just right and perform […]

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Top 13 Books for Business Storytelling

“What are the best books on storytelling for my business?” 


“I’m discovering how powerful storytelling can be for my business, but I want to learn more. What books should I read?”

I’ve been hearing these questions more and more.  The challenge with recommending books always comes back to a question of my own, “What do you want to know about story? The science, the structure, what stories to tell, how to tell a great story, how to use them in your business, etc?”  The study and practice of story is a science, art, craft, and passion. Just like if I asked my favorite musician to recommend the best books on music, I’m sure they’d have a list of their own questions and a laundry list of books to recommend. […]

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PowerPoint (PPT) is Dead…

Powerpoint is dead.

Sorry, to have to be the bearer of bad news but the sooner we all realize this and move on the better.  

That fancy sales presentation with all the best figures and data in it? Dead.

That huge investor deck with 10 bullets per slide? Dead.

That recruiting deck showing your prospective A-players and employees the reason they should lay it all on the line or come work for you? Dead.

All of them. Dead. Dead. Dead.  

Look, I’ll answer the immediate objection that you’re screaming at the screen right now. […]

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