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Our interests are like yours – varied. We are more interested in the people and mission behind an idea than the widget itself. While we would be thrilled to work with these brands listed, think of them as inspiration. If you’re the new (fill in the blank from a well-known brand) you’re exactly who we want to be talking with.

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Purpose & Values Driven Brand Partnerships, Experiences, and Activations

We believe in melding old fashioned commerce & doing good to yield a potent strategy. Some people call this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We call it the future of business.

Starbucks, Ford, Caterpillar, The “next” Toms, The “next” Charity Water

Agencies & Creative Partners

Partnering with other creative shops feeds our soul. It’s like creating the A-Team for clients without having to escape from a maximum-security prison and being on the run. 1 + 1 = 11 when working with other brilliant creators!

Ideo, Olgilvy, Edelman, Crispin Porter Bogusky


While we work hard to not be perceived as an outdoor only outfit we can’t deny we like getting outside and love living life. Brands that share this outlook, allow customers to play, and have fun while doing it are usually a great match.

Vuarnet, Smith, Costa

Rolex, Nixon, Garmin

Levis, Patagonia, LuLu Lemon, Arcteryx, Uniqlo, Burton

Vans, Camper, Nike, Adidas, Reef, Olokai, Ecco

Herman Miller, Ikea, Knoll, VF Corp

Snow Resorts:
Big Sky, Aspen, Vail Resorts, Intrawest, Ski Dubai

Emerging Markets

Travel is our window to the world and allows us to see other cultures and perspectives. Here are a list of areas we’d be down to share our expertise as the next round of great global brands are born.

Africa, S. America, Asia, Canada (not emerging but we love poutine, eh!)

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