BGBS 004: Aaron Draplin | Draplin Design Company | Get It Done: Work Hard & Figure Things Out

BGBS 004: Aaron Draplin | Draplin Design Company | Get It Done: Work Hard & Figure Things Out
August 16, 2021

BGBS Episode 004: Get It Done: Work Hard & Figure Things Out

If you’re a graphic designer, snowboarder, and/or skateboarder, then you probably know about preeminent designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company based in Portland, Ore. He tours the world to speak about his career, family, and even politics. He has created logos and done other work for major companies, including Patagonia and Nike. Aaron is a branding world celebrity now, but it wasn’t always that way.

You’ll Learn…

  • Background on Draplin Design Company
  • How Aaron’s upbringing affects how he approaches his work and views the world of design
  • People are good at saying, ‘No,’ but Aaron takes every job and does what he says he will do
  • How to get through rough times: Work hard, don’t waste money, buckle down to pay your bills, and accept what you need to do
  • Get It Done: Make good use of your time, do your job, and figure things out
  • Aaron’s Mom and Dad did not have a lot, but who cares – they were cool; they gave him Legos, love, and all the basics he needed
  • Family’s blue-collar background helps supply Aaron’s design style
  • Fight for people and stand up for them; don’t be mean and unfriendly, but accommodating, appreciative, and personable
  • Aaron stays relevant by sharing his experience and knowing when to remove himself from a job
  • Aaron wrestles with faith and existentialism and tries to be cognizant of and gentle with every lifeform
  • Besides making money, what other kinds of paychecks are possible? Volunteer, be ethical/compassionate and help others
  • The New Normal: Aaron communicates his story and is not afraid of offending others, but knows he has to be careful because people will come after him; stay positive
  • Aaron loves the beauty, hard work that goes into design; function over fashion
  • Is there any such thing as an original logo? It’s possible to come up with something new – that’s what Aaron wants to do


Draplin Design Co.

Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin

Draplin Design Co. Merchandise

Aaron Draplin on Instagram

Quotes by Aaron Draplin:

“If the work is strong enough, hopefully, it will illicit a response, and I get hired for the next gig.”

“There is this weird midwestern work ethic shift that haunts me to this day. That’s why I work so much.”

“People are really good at saying, ‘No.’ You won’t get that out of me.”

“I took the money. They are going to get the service they paid for.”

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