BGBS 010: Chris Warner | Earth Treks | Hardwired to Stop and Make Things Better

BGBS 010: Chris Warner | Earth Treks | Hardwired to Stop and Make Things Better
August 16, 2021

BGBS Episode 010: Hardwired to Stop and Make Things Better

Chris Warner is a quattro threat – mountain adventurer, leader, entrepreneur, and all-around great dude. He sketched out a business on toilet paper and ended up building the nation’s largest indoor climbing gym company – Earth Treks. It’s where people challenge themselves and love what they are doing – just like Chris. His mountaineering philosophy focuses on teamwork and looking out for partners. Coming home safe and alive is always more important than summiting. Chris’s live-and-breathe fascination with building teams has turned him into a student of leadership and leadership teacher for teams that face challenges where failure is not an option!

You’ll Learn…

  • Chris was an avid reader as a kid and got hooked on the romanticism of being outdoors – fishing, hiking, rock climbing, etc.
  • Outdoor guides dragged him into the woods as a form of scared-straight punishment, but he loved it and went from being a troublemaker to a leader
  • Discovered he could have a career in the outdoors and give people of all ages life-enriching experiences to discover their potential
  • Chris studied outdoor education, but found it to be a waste of time; you do outdoor education, you don’t study it
  • Determination/resilience caused him to combine college, climbing, and curiosity
  • Chris has a history of seeking out and finding opportunities to help and guide others to make things better (altruism vs. heroism)
  • Mountaineering: Quantity, quality, difficulty mattered over taking the easy route
  • Chris uses his brain over brawn to solve problems and survive falls
  • Being the best version of yourself is addictive because it’s empowering and humbling to help others
  • Tunnel Vision on Everest/K2: Chris was horrified when other climbers abandoned their partners or stepped over dying/dead climbers to selfishly make the summit
  • Taking personal and professional risks because of people pushing you
  • Power of teams focuses more on family and relationships than business; business is there to serve employees, and charity begins at home
  • People will forgive you, if you are nice


Chris Warner

Earth Treks

High Altitude Leadership: What the World’s Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success

Chris Warner’s 2002 K2 Expedition

Climbing the Savage Mountain

Planet Granite

Henry Morton Stanley

Grand Teton National Park

Copper Mountain

Splat Calculator

Wharton School of Business

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Quotes from Chris Warner:

“The best way for people to find themselves was to first get lost.”

“I just want to spend my life out in the woods, doing cool adventures.”

“I am just so curious about the world.”

“You stop and help when you think you can make things better.”

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