Branding vs. Marketing: The Difference

Well, it really shouldn’t be a “versus”. They aren’t in opposition to one another. Actually, branding and marketing need and depend on each other.

But they are different. And many people often confuse the two.

Branding is LONG-term and strategic. Marketing is SHORT-term and tactical.

Most importantly, an issue with your branding would be exposed at the marketing level.

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Video Transcript

Marc Gutman 0:03
Hey, I'm Marc, and I'm here at the happy house studio in today we are talking, branding versus marketing, which is oftentimes a controversial subject. But it's probably the question I get more than any other Hey Marc, what's the difference between branding and marketing? So let's get right into it. And we'll, we'll talk about that today. So branding is long term, and it's oftentimes backed by, I don't just mean that we're spending money that there's a cost that it takes a bit of time to pay off and to, for us to see the actual results.

So branding is focused on customer loyalty, internal culture, and building a strong community. It's all about building that long term community, people that want to come back and buy from you again, and again, marketing is short term, and by no means is that simple or easy or not important. It's just a shorter time window, spec. And Mark is focused on execution. And short term results starts as advertising, right. So we have a Facebook ad campaign, and we put $1 in and we're looking for certain performance, ROI and metrics out. And that is Mark, if you're still having a little bit of trouble understanding, I like to think of it in terms of professional sports. And so branding is building the organization in the team. It's the front office, it's what happens in the offseason. A lot of times, it might even be you know, what happens on the practice field.

But marketing is playing the games, what happens when you're on that field, and you're trying to just, you have a specific goal, you're trying to score score score, and that is marketing. Branding is much more strategic branding is strategic. Marketing, is tactical. Now, I know I'm gonna get a bunch of comments that people are gonna say, Marc, there's marketing, strategy, marketing is strategy. I hear what you're saying. But really, branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical. And this is why most branding problems we don't see because like, how do you see strategy?

Well, that really shows up in tactical things. Like you'd say things like, hey, my logo is ugly, or doesn't represent me or my website's not working, or I need to be better on social media or help us tell our story because we don't know what to write. Those are all tactical things that are really born out of strategy. So as I mentioned, both activities are critical and needed, but they are different. And so now that you know, branding, strategic marketing, tactical and that's the difference between branding and marketing.

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