Put Yourself in a Bucket

No one likes to be put in a bucket. It feels as though we are being lumped together with everyone else.
I know, I know. You’re special. You’re different. But know what? No one else knows that.

Are you a brand strategist? A marketer? A graphic designer?

We need to make it easy for customers to find us and for others to recommend us. In this video, we address starting with a bucket our reptilian brains can process and bringing in your unique perspective from there!

Video Transcript

Marc Gutman 0:03
Hey, I am Marc Gutman and we are here at the happy house and we are talking about branding. We are talking about marketing. And we are talking about putting yourself in a bucket buckets in you in a bucket. And what does that mean? Well, we're gonna go over a little handy resource here. No one likes to be put in a pocket, especially me feels like if we're being lumped together with everyone else, we want to be special we, we want to stand out, everyone's calling us what makes yourself special.

But you know, it's this ability to be placed in a bucket, and categorize it makes it easy for prospective customers to understand what you do. And that's really what we need to be concerned about making sure those customers know exactly what you do. I personally had a one of this the hard way. And I had spent so many years playing, you know, kept telling everyone I was the story guy. And that's because I used to work in the movie business. And everyone thought it was really, really cool. They'd say, Hey, Mark, can you call me with my story? And I thought, you know, story, Sony, it's different.

Yeah, I'm the story guy. But the problem with the word story is that it means different things to just about everyone. It's a really confusing word. Is it a story about you? Does it mean your About Us page? Is it your purpose? Or your why is it your brand? Is it your backstory? Is it your visual identity, I had people who thought that working on the CEO speech was working on the story. So no one really knew what it meant. If 10 people came up to me asked me about how to work on their story, I probably had 10 different answers as to what that might have been. And so in their book, one of my favorites, this book right here, by chip, Heath and Dan he made to stick, right, they talk about a schema and a schema is something that helps us to categorize words and images and meanings in our in our mind, and simplify complex ideas.

And so for example, if I told you that yesterday I went snowboarding, instantly, a picture of what snowboarding looks like pops into your head. And the same thing goes for how to talk about what we do when I say story guy, no, no one had a well ID well defined schema for that. So the word itself is just not well defined. That now if I say that I do branding, I say that I provide a brand strategy made people are able to know what I do and understand if what I have can help them. So after you've properly put yourself in a bucket or category, now you can get all unique and talk about your why later on your unique point of view. This is where you get to be special, but for right now. Put yourself in a bucket.

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