The Path to Happiness - Stay Grounded Podcast

Recently I was able to sit down with an incredible entrepreneur and owner of JavaPresse Coffee, Raj Jana, for his "Stay Grounded" Podcast. What I loved most was that we didn't discuss the normal story stuff.

Raj's podcast is focussed on happiness and what it takes to be happy. I would never claim to be an expert when it comes to happiness. Heck, I struggle most days to remember that I am happy. But this interview reminded me of what does make me happy and what I do to regain alignment with happiness.

I'm not sure of the title "Walking Away from Millions" as I'm not claiming I ever walked away from millions but hey, the podcast has to sell tickets -- and everything else is spot on.

I do share my story in a way that I haven't before and some of the things I do in my morning routine as well as what I do in the pursuit of happiness.


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