Webinar: June 25, 2020 Manifestos: A Marketer’s Secret Weapon (Replay Available)
Replay Available

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Thursday June 25, 2020 9amPT/10am MT/11amCT/Noon ET


If you oversee the brand and marketing of an arts, recreation, or entertainment brand you know this to be true: your success hinges on your ability to build community around your purpose.  But as a brand and marketing leader or a founder who is responsible for customer acquisition and growth - how do you communicate clearly, and easily that you are responsible for enabling the moments that matter to your customers? Especially in this new topsy-turvy economy? Perhaps you are facing the prospect of increased competition, slower than usual sales, or are asking yourselves how are we going to win new business?

Most marketing teams are being forced to work with reduced budgets and headcount but the expectations for growth are higher than ever. While it may seem like your hands are tied there is one strategy and tactic you can employ that has a big impact for little to no budget: Manifestos.

Join Wildstory founder and chief strategist Marc Gutman as he hosts a one hour webinar on Manifestos: A Marketer’s Secret Weapon.

In this free webinar Marc will share:

  • Why purpose builds trust and why trust grows brands (and revenue)
  • What is a manifesto and why you need one
  • How a manifesto affects your positioning and makes new customer acquisition easier
  • What the biggest brands in the world know to grow their brands year over year
  • What is a brand-led organization and why they will outperform other organizations
  • That the brands that align behind a manifesto will win out in the new economy and those that do not will not survive
  • Examples of manifestos and their impact on brands
  • How to craft your own manifesto for $0 budget but huge impact

About Your Presenter

Marc Gutman Headshot

Marc Gutman - Founder and Chief Brand Strategist, Wildstory

Marc Gutman is a storyteller, entrepreneur, adventurer, and idealist. He’s also a friend of beer, coffee, water, wind, waves, beaches, mountains, & snow. But most importantly, Marc loves brands, branding, and building brands.

During the day, Marc is an award winning writer and founder of Wildstory where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Wildstory is the marketing agency for the arts, recreation, and entertainment industries -- helping companies who provide refreshment of strength and spirit, after our work day, craft customer experiences that create delight and differentiate their brand.  Select clients include: Thor Industries, Airstream, El Cap, Planet Granite, Earth Treks, Lilly, Inboard, and First Descents.

Marc received his BA from the University of Michigan in English Literature / Film.  And is a graduate of the Entrepreneur’s Master Program at MIT.  He’s lectured at the University of Michigan, University of Colorado, Eli Lilly, and The Wright Summit.

Prior to forming Wildstory, Marc served as Story Editor for Oliver Stone’s Illusion Entertainment, and has written stories and screenplays for Oliver Stone, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox.

In addition to his time in Hollywood, Marc itched the entrepreneurial scratch by founding and selling a multimillion dollar tech company in Boulder, Colorado.

Marc is also the host of the Baby Got Backstory podcast delving into the story behind great brands such as Priceline.com, Ugg, Build-A-Bear Workshop, US Olympians, Kswiss, and the State of Colorado Outdoor Recreation Office.

Marc wants you to know that he is on a mission to help the world après… one brand at a time.

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