What Is Brand Strategy and Why Do YOU Need It?

In this video, we learn why brand strategy is essential to business strategy and how small corrections are more impactful than great changes.

This is part 8 of a 13 part series identifying who Wildstory is, what the intricacies of branding are, and how this can all benefit you.

Video Transcript

Keith Roberts 0:04

It's so much deeper than I thought of a brand. I mean, I definitely hurt the brand. It's not a logo. But this is really getting to, I think the root of what a brand is how this brand strategy integrate with us Why? Why is brand strategy so essential?

Marc Gutman 0:20

Yeah, and I think, you know, just kind of to address what you just you were talking about, you know, I grew up thinking of a brand was a logo, I grew up thinking it was your colors and insignia. But you know, I'm not a designer. And so I had, you know, I came at this from my own perspective, like, I am in love with words, and I'm in love with feelings, and emotion and empathy. And so that's just kind of how I came to it. And, and came to, through the research, and through my own discovery, realizing this is what brand was, but I think it's very common for people to think that it's a logo. And, and, you know, and, by the way, you know, I'm going to talk about brand strategy, but great strategy doesn't really work if you don't have great design, and vice versa, right. So a great brand strategy without great design is going to kind of fall flat, great design, without great strategy, we'll do the same.

And so it's taken me a really long time to learn. And that's why I mentioned that I come from words, because I want you to know, we all kind of put forth in the world that which we want to believe or that which we are good at. I'm good at words. I'm like, it's all strategy, strategy strategy. But you know, I want to point out that you do need great design to support that strategy. Because, you know, visually, that's often a lot of times what we see first in a brand, but really simply put to me brand strategy, as you mentioned, and when we talked about in the beginning, it is this idea that brand strategy is simply the process of outmaneuvering your competition. And who doesn't want to do that? Right?

When you do it right. And you get into it. It's really your business strategy. And I think this is where, you know, brand is such this purely discipline, it's still evolving, you can't really go to school for branding. It's kind of the subdivision of marketing. There's very few places where you can get brand certified through education. But you know, it really is your business strategy. And so the great thing about this, it's hard work. And I don't want to act like it's not hard work. And we can talk about the process a little bit later. But when you are fortunate to land on your strategy, it's really not about big changes, but only small corrections. And I have this and I need to remind myself of that all the time. I have this great little photo on my wall here from a client we've worked at Airstream and the founder, while he by him is this super famous iconic guy. And obviously the you know, Airstream is about to turn a 100 years old and they have that iconic camper shell and so I take you know, he's had a brand that endures I think he's pretty much an expert on this topic, because I'm looking at it right now.

His quote says, "let's not make changes only improvements," so his thought was that once you have a great design or strategy and by the way, strategy is just designed I think a lot of times we get caught up in this idea that design is art that it's a logo but you can design products you can design businesses, you know design thinking is such a malleable kind of methodology that you can use it to design messaging like it doesn't it when I use the word design it's interchangeable with words with business with strategy and of course the creative the visual, but anyways, I think Wally Let's not make changes only improvements while you buy him from Airstream that applies perfectly when you nail your brand strategy.

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