Make the Decision Right

Asking yourself, "Is this the right decision?" is applicable not only to branding, but also to life in general. Marc Gutman provides a simple solution to alleviate any doubts you may have about even the biggest decisions.

Video Transcript

Keith Roberts 0:04

Marc, good to see you again, my friend. Thank you so much always pleasure and sharing some insights. And I was super curious, making the right decision: what to do when you're laboring over decision? You know, an example might be when a client is trying to choose between a customer profile or persona, logo, tagline, how do you help them have confidence that they've made the right decision?

Marc Gutman 0:28

Yeah. And so it's such a good question, because it happens all the time. And not even just in branding, although those are the more applicable use cases that we see every day. But even in our own lives, you know, how many times have you sat there thinking? Is this the right decision? If I make this decision? Is it going to be right? If I don't make this decision? Will it be right? What is the right decision?

And so very simply put, when we're getting really close from let's say, we have two logos that were that we've gotten down to the final two, and we've gotten a couple taglines. When we're, we're weighing a big decision in our personal life. It's like, and we've gotten down to the final two, most of the time, you can't really make the wrong decision. And so really taking on this, this idea of make the decision and make it right.

So don't worry about making the right decision, make the decision, and then just make it right. And with a logo, we impart meaning into that logo, we make it work for us. So when you get there, just make that decision. And make it right.

Keith Roberts 1:35

Nice. Awesome. I like to say branding is like algebra, that you have to show your work to have confidence in the final answer. But I would totally agree with you when you get to that fork in the road and you've got two exceptional options. It's just having confidence in I'm making this choice and I'm not gonna look back. That's awesome. Thank you.

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