What Is a Brand Audit?

Different people have different ways of taking a comprehensive look at brands to refresh them in a new and enticing way, otherwise known as a brand audit. Marc Gutman details how Wildstory specifically executes brand audits and provides feedback with no obligation to buy additional services.

Video Transcript

Keith Roberts 0:04

I've heard this term a lot. Brand audit rebranding, brand fresh, brand refresh. I don't know if everybody actually knows, what is a brand audit?

Marc Gutman 0:14

Thanks, Keith. Yeah, I mean, we have our own version of a brand audit. And you're right, like a lot of different people have different ways of talking about this and approaching this before us, you know, you may sense that something's not you know, working with your brand, but you're not sure, can't quite put a finger on it. And so we've put together a solution that we call the wild story, a brand audit, that's just a quick and comp yet comprehensive look at your brand. And so sometimes you're just too close to your brand to see it with fresh eyes. And as they say, sometimes you can't read the label when you're in the bottle.

And so we've seen hundreds and hundreds of brands, what works, what doesn't. And, and we can apply that when we look at your brand. So for us, a brand audit is, you know, a client or a prospect will send us all their existing logos, links to their websites, their social media presence, their excuse me, the color palette, their fonts, their brand guidelines if they have it, their strategy documents if they have it, their marketing collateral. And then what we do is as a team, as we go through, and we evaluate all these, all these assets, we review them, we look at the competition.

And then we put together a comprehensive report, and during a 60-minute Wildstory audit call, we present our findings very much in a stop, keep doing, and maybe recommend or here, this is what you should do a little bit of red light, green light, yellow light format of what we're doing.

So "hey, what are you doing well?" you know, we're not going to come in and just say everything, you know, we're really looking for what's working for you what's not working, and what you should continue doing and where maybe there's areas for improvement, the end of the call, you can decide if you're fully armed and to implement our results that we give you. And you could go take that yourself or if you want to discuss the opportunities in which wild story can help you. We can do that. When we do our audit, there's no obligation to buy any additional services, anything like that. We really want this to be a value add.

So if you're kind of having those spidey senses, if you're feeling like something's not working, if you watch our other videos on why you might have a brand problem, and that's starting to resonate, and you want some feedback, the brand audit would be a great way to go.

Keith Roberts 2:29

All right. All right. All right. That's a great explanation of what a brand out it is, at the end of this process, what do you get?

Marc Gutman 2:35

So at the end of the process, you're going to get that report, you're going to get the full deck of your pros and cons strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities for improvement, or recommendation actions to start tweak or keep doing and then you'll be ready to go. And you can either implement those yourself a lot, you know, sometimes they'll be like, "hey, change this on social", you can go do that. Or if there's a bigger need, it might be something that you'd want to talk to us about how we might be able to help you.

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