Who & What is Wildstory

This is part 1 of a 13 part series identifying who Wildstory is, what the intricacies of branding are, and how this can all benefit you.

Video Transcript

Keith Roberts 0:04

I'm really excited to be speaking to Marc Gutman and my good friend, serial entrepreneur, I've had the pleasure of knowing you for years, you've had some amazing experiences together. I'm really excited to learn about Wildstory. So can you tell us a little bit about who Wildstory is?

Marc Gutman 0:20

Absolutely, I mean, pleasure to be talking with you as well, Keith, love our conversations, always, we've done a lot of awesome things together. But Wildstory is the marketing agency for the arts, recreation, and entertainment companies. And we're dedicated to helping companies who provide refreshments, strength, and spirit after our workday, build powerful customer experiences that delight and create differentiation. And we are really I mean, I am on a mission to help the world our prey.

And what that means to me is opera is obviously the French word for after a lot of times here in Colorado, we associated with operate skiing, but really what it means to me, it's like after that workday, and you know, we work hard, we all have careers, but in my outlet, in my perspective, we really do it so that we can enjoy those moments that matter that typically happens after our workday. So whether that's having a meal with family and friends, whether that is getting out on the slopes, whether that is going to a climbing gym, whether that's going out in an RV, the list is endless, but for me, really, we're all about the pray. And we're so just excited to be working with companies that also believe in that mission as well. So most of the clients that we work with, have that same outlook.

They're focused on purpose, lifestyle, and their own mission, and just helping us all make a better world. I mean, I, one of my favorite quotes came from a gentleman we both know the co-founder of Priceline, Jeff Hoffman, and he likes to say that entrepreneurship isn't the purpose. It's the tool. And I really believe that. So using what we're doing here to build brands as tools to change the world and, and make people's lives better after the workday. That's what we're all about.

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