Customers Are Like Mullets

That’s right. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Look, the mullet is a complex hair philosophy. It has two sides. The front is serious. The back is playful.

Kind of like our customers — they are so much more than just clients and consumers. They are mothers, fathers, and friends. They have lives.

We tend to only sell to the work or customer persona. But we need to remember customers are like mullets.

Business in the front…REAL people in the back. Just like you.

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Video Transcript

Marc Gutman 0:03
Hey, I’m Marc Gutman, and we are here at the happy house studio talking all things, branding and marketing. And today, we are going to talk about your customers. Just like Mo, it’s yet that moment, not the fish, the beautiful hair molad shorten front long in the back. And I’m going to tell you why. Look, I see so many marketers branders people out there so quick to bucket their customers into easy demographics, what’s their age? What’s their sacks? What do they buy? You know, who are they at work? Are they a VP of Marketing and they selling to a CEO? Am I selling to a purchaser? Am I selling to the finance department. But the people you serve, there’s so much more than simply their title. They’re more than consumers, or clients or customers. They’re more than suppliers and vendors. Those people are mothers and fathers, sons daughters.

They have lives outside of work, they laugh, they play. They post all their vacations on social, they go to weddings, they bring puppies home for that first day, right? They spend their Saturday going to get new puppies and bringing them home. And so your customer like a moment. They’re all about their title and business in the front. Real people in the back. Business of real people on the back end just like you. They’re a real person. And so when you start to talk to your customers, you start to market to your customers. I want you to remember that there’s just like moments, right there like you that repeat real people and start talking to them like real people don’t treat them like they’re just people at work, because the mofi responsive to that message. So remember, customers are like moments.

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