Experiencing CineChef at Boulder International Film Festival

The Boulder International Film Festival was an incredible event to experience and be a part of! Boulder’s scenic backdrop is the perfect location to enjoy films and food. Among the countless films and events BIFF held, my favorite was attending CineCHEF. In the last four years I have spent living in Boulder, CO, I have been able to eat some delicious food, but the food at CineCHEF tops it all.

The event paired some of the most prestigious and delicious restaurants in Boulder with Francis Ford Coppola wine and some of the best beers Boulder has to offer. Luckily, I had enough time to eat and drink to my heart’s content. I had one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life – an edible chocolate bowl filled with chocolate mousse! My chocolate craving had been satisfied. I followed up dessert with a mini cheeseburger topped with an olive.

The location of the event, Rembrandt Yard, was beautiful! Right in the heart of downtown Boulder, the building has a glass floor and a balcony with breathtaking views of the Flatirons. As the evening continued, I had yummy tacos and more chocolate mousse – I just couldn’t get enough! As the event came to a close, I felt full and happy. CineCHEF was a great kick off to my experience at the Boulder International Film Festival.

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