Recap: Digital Public Relations Conference – It’s all about Visual Storytelling

Text isn’t dead but it may be dying.

If it isn’t dying there is no doubt that it is rapidly losing market share.

We recently had the privilege of attending The PR News Digital Public Relations Conference in South Beach (Miami).

The message was clear.  Social Media. Storytelling. Engagement. It all hinges and depends on visuals.  The numbers, data, and success tell one singular truth. Photos and video rule drive engagement and hold interest.  More people are interested in compelling visuals than lots of text.

There is no doubt that rich visuals impact your communications.  Get on the visual train now as there will be no going back. Those that don’t focus on including rich media such as photos, video, and graphics in their storytelling will be left behind. Even worse? You’ll be telling stories that could be compelling, but no one will be listening. I can’t think of a bigger communications crime.


One of the speakers, encouraging people to live tweet, had this very appropriate comment before she began her presentation:

“It’s no longer about applause. You can tell how engaged your audience is by their thumbs on their phones tweeting.”

With that in mind, let’s turn to the Twitter stream from the conference hashtag #PowerofPR for our main takeaways:

Creating video doesn’t have to be hard or complex.  Don’t overthink it.

I recently received a video update from a member of a volunteer organization in which I serve. At first, being a text kinda guy I scoffed at it. But after watching it I think it’s a great way to deliver updates. Think about this for newsletters, internal communications, and communications to customers.

The numbers don’t lie and the trend says video is a driving force.

Check out,, — all traditional news sites that have now gone to a media rich, masonry style of delivering content. They’re not doing this because they want to. They’re doing it because they HAVE to.

The Press Release isn’t dead but it has changed significantly.

It’s all about multimedia releases with rich images and video that tell a story.

Look at the example press release shared by @Serena from Business Wire. Which would you rather read? Which one catches your attention and makes you feel something?

The ability to create rich, studio quality video has never been more accessible.

Also being creative in the ways you share rich content can elevate your brand.  Slideshare is becoming an indispensable, goto tool for corporate America. Free tools and apps make everyone a storyteller.

Just like the typewriter leveled the playing field so does today’s technology. Just like the typewriter the best storytellers will differentiate themselves. The rest will be noise.

Survey says! Visuals create more engagement.

The statistics are scary and the numbers don’t like.   People are looking at video and photos and NOT reading text.

Silly Rabbit. Trix and Snapchat are not just for kids.

Platforms like Snapchat appeal to 25-30 year olds. Not just kids.  Will 400 million snaps, that’s a LOT of eyeballs.

Brands aren’t about logos and colors.

And perhaps the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about Emotional Storytelling. Brands aren’t about logos and colors. It’s about connecting emotionally with your employees and customers.  Everyone has a WILDSTORY it’s about telling it in a way that touches the hearts of others.

To learn more about how to improve your visual storytelling in your digital public relations strategy, check out these blogs on how to Create Enticing Graphics Online and through Mobile Apps.
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