What is Brandstorytelling?

Marc Gutman emphasizes why the telling of your brand is best portrayed by making your customer the hero of their own story.


In this, we learn the delicate balance of telling a brand story with both consistency and variety.

This is part 4 of a 13 part series identifying who Wildstory is, what the intricacies of branding are, and how this can all benefit you.

Video Transcript

Marc Gutman 0:04

And then brandstorytelling, you know, you ladder up to that, that becomes the ongoing telling of your brand. That’s most often the telling of the story of your customer. So you know, and when we tell that story of our customer that should be told with them as the hero of the story like thinking. And one of the, you know, we have, we have 10, wild story brand principles, how to become a wild story brand, but one of them is make them your customer, the hero of the story. And so when we think about how do we make the customer, the hero of their own life story, when using our products and services?

So like, how do I make Keith a hero? You know, like, how do I like in the story of his own life when he’s out there telling his friends? You know, if you’re my target customer, that’s what I’m really thinking about. And then brandstorytelling just becomes this communication tool and methodology of how do we continue to tell that story over and over again, with consistency, but variety? So that’s an interesting concept, right? Like, how are we consistent, but have variety, both internally, to our employees? So so we can build a strong culture?

How do we tell that story to our stakeholders and our investors, so they believe in our mission and help us getting to where we want to go to achieve our vision, and then obviously, externally to our existing customers. And it’s in role, right, because I really believe the purpose of what we’re trying to do with all this with brand, the branding, brandstorytelling, it’s not so much to sell people. I mean, at the end day, yes, we want people to buy our products. That’s, that’s what we need them to do. But the effective way to do that for the long term and to have people buying from us again and again, is to enroll them in our brand, and enroll them in our community. And that’s how you can do that through brandstorytelling.

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